Geir will sing in "angelic white"!

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Geir will sing in "angelic white"!

Viesti Kirjoittaja JuhaUK » 05 Touko 2005, 17:50


Newspaper Iltalehti has revealed, that Geir and his team have opted for angelic white for the stage in Kiev. Design will be done by Outi Broux, who also designed the outfits for Edea in 1998. Outi says she wants to use Finnish materials and manufacturers in the design. The set will be blue and silver during Finland's performance in Kyiv. ... 7_vi.shtml

The backing group will be

Hanna-Riikka Siitonen daughter of Fredi (FI 67 and 76), also a contender in the National finals in 2005
Nina Tapio also tried in the national finals this year, and her mother was backing Fredi in 1976. Nina and Hanna-Riikka were together a well-known group called Taikapeili in the 90's.
Charles Salter already backed CatCat in 1994
Thomas Höglund is a first-timer in Eurovision, but very experienced chorist
Mika Turunen is a young tenor.

Photo and news piece in Finnish at
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