Welcome to Helsinki!

Ei-vuosikohtaisen viisukeskustelun arkisto.
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Welcome to Helsinki!

Viesti Kirjoittaja JuhaUK » 17 Marras 2006, 20:15

Viisukuppila’s plans to welcome both domestic and international visitors to Eurovision 2007 in Helsinki are shaping up. We are co-operating with Helsinki City Tourist & Convention Bureau, City of Helsinki Cultural Office,and Lasipalatsi. Viisukuppila is part of making Helsinki the best Eurovision Song Contest city of all times!

With the generous help from City of Helsinki Viisukuppila will get premises right in the very centre of Helsinki in the majestic 1930’s Modernist palace Lasipalatsi, that was completely renovated in 1998. There will be a very visible information centre and meeting point, serving contest tourists during two weeks. A lot of Eurovision themed programme is planned for the actual week of the contest, of which we will inform later.
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